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Below is a list of Artists that have recorded with J Sound Studio.
Please click on the link to hear sample recordings of some of
the many artists who, time and again, have chosen the quality of
J Sound Studio !
Listen to Artists Samples

Arland Hannah

Arminda Allen


Barbara "Deskins" Smith

Billy Rose and Family

Blackburn May

Bobby Fletcher

Bob Hardin

Carol Spaulding

Carol Williams

County Line Grass (Hayholler Records)

Danny Bowen

Dave Evans and Riverbend

Dewey "Duke" Parsley

Harbor Lights

Heart and Soul

Higher Ground

Jack Kane (Freeland Records)

Jim Burchette

Jimmy Evans

Johnny gowan

Kayla Clevenger

Landon Messer and Lowell Varney

Larry Fuller (Freeland Records)

Marvin Rose & Co.

Russell Messer

The Alley's

The Braggs Family

The Branham Family

The Chapelmen

The Muncy Brothers

Tommy Brown

Upper Room

Walt Smith

Wayne Copley

Wood and Strings

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